I’m a Vancouver-based photographer and artist.

My interest in photography began in the early 1970’s, inspired by a skilled and incredibly passionate graphic arts instructor, named Walter E. Rand.

While at school, I was introduced to lithography, typesetting & offset printing, stenciling, layout, and a favorite class: darkroom film processing. I was also involved in art and have always enjoyed drawing.

An early passion too, was drag  racing photography. That was really tough to capture on film in those days, because of the car’s ground-shaking horsepower, and it would take at least a week to find out whether your pictures even turned out!

In the years since, a camera has never been very far from my hands.

Today, as you can see, I still love taking pictures of cars.  I like the vivid colors, and how light reflections are picked up and enhanced by the curves. It’s attention to the small details that makes us all appreciate the efforts put into a custom car. 

I’ve also grown to appreciate two other areas: landscapes and time exposures. The challenge with landscapes is to try and present familiar scenes in different ways. Time exposure photography is appealing because the camera sensor is able to pick up light that our eyes have difficulty otherwise seeing. 

Generally, my photographic style is to use natural light wherever possible. Other than a few off-camera flash (OCF) shots, my pictures aren’t staged. I rely instead on good timing, and waiting for events to intersect as they cross the frame.  I seldom use Photoshop except to remove an unavoidable or distracting item. Which also means that my shots are not composites (combined elements from different photos). Sometimes I’ll use in-camera HDR, but that’s usually just to balance the lighting.

I do however use Lightroom  for selective adjustments to exposure and colors, although cropping is still one of my most valuable tools.

I’m currently using a Nikon D810 full-frame 36 megapixel DSLR, which is excellent for it’s wide range of adjustments and placement of controls.

Hopefully my style comes through as you go through the image galleries.